Complete stainless steel bolt kits to rebuild your BMW motorcycle!



The Bolt Guy's Bikes

1959 BMW  R60
The R60 had the look and feel of a classic the day it rolled off BMW's assembly line in 1959.  It still does.  This particular machine has been featured in a broad range of competitions and shows.



1959 R60

1965 BMW  R69S
When you pull your R69S up next to a Milwaukee V-Twin you can be almost sure that onlookers will focus their attention on the BMW.  The lines are close to perfect and the bike's balance is so precise it's almost scary.  It takes you where you want to go with a bundle of style.




1965 R69S

1971 BMW  R75/5 (SWB)
The R75/5 looks so damn good from so many different angles.  And it feels great under your butt.  Day-in and day-out it's the ride The Bolt Guy chooses to hit the streets with.  It's simply a kick to get on it and get moving, and it's got plenty of power to spare.




1971 R75/5

1977 BMW  R100RS
When an R100RS is coming at you it looks like a rocket.  When you're sitting on top of one it feels like a rocket too.  Your vantage point says it all   you're either on it and cutting deep slashes into the wind or you're not, in which case you'd better get the hell out of the way.  This machine is not for the timid.


1977 R100RS

1976 BMW  R90S
It's a work in progress.  What else can we say?



1976 R90S

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Complete stainless steel bolt kits to rebuild your BMW motorcycle!

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